Tech Features in the Ford Ranger That Hasn't Stop Wowing Us

Chances are that the Ford Ranger makes you think of a powerful, dominating truck that could get the job done.

You are probably not thinking about the tech features in this popular midsize truck, and that is okay. Tri-Star Ford Blairsville has noticed that some customers do not know everything there is to know about the Ford Ranger, and we want to fix that.


Blairsville, PA is like any other city, full of cars that could make mistakes from time to time. Ford knows that and has taken it upon itself to deliver a feature that is going to make driving a little less stressful. Your truck can do what some of us could only dream of at some point; it can sense when your truck may hit another. This sensor system will alert you of the emergency, giving you enough time to save everyone.

Lane Keeping

Another great feature that might surprise you is the lane-keeping system. The vehicle's sensors are there to help you stay in your lane if you drift from time to time. It will warn you of your mistake and let you slide back in your place, keeping everyone safe.

Take a test drive to see why this has wowed us and why it may wow you, too.

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