The Ford Taurus Stands Out Among Other Vehicles

When the Ford Taurus is parked in a driveway or moving through traffic, it stands out in a dramatic way. This vehicle turns heads as it's designed with many practical and appealing features.

The Ford Taurus is a sophisticated automobile because it has a sleek layout. The profile is very aerodynamic, and the shape of the frame is stylish and practical. As the aerodynamic Taurus travels on the road, the sloped, arched frame directs wind away so that the engine can reach higher speeds quickly and efficiently.

During the night, the Ford Taurus wows a crowd with its signature LED lighting. These bright lights glow and illuminate the vehicle's strategically sculpted lines that run next to a bold grille.

Ford Taurus vehicles are available in Blairsville, and you can take one out for a test drive by visiting Tri-Star Ford. We arrange strategic test drives in various areas and serve locals in a variety of communities and suburbs.



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